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Project ideas for decoupage

Project ideas for Decoupage


Decoupage can be done on almost any surface. In this article we cover various ideas for projects, including projects suitable for children.

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Here are some varied ideas for new decoupage projects. We've even included some children's projects as well.


Boxes provide interesting results when done with decoupage. A variety of boxes are available in craft stores. A box should be given two or three thin coats of an oil based paint as a base and at least three coats of varnish to finish. The final coat can be rubbed with dampened emery cloth for a fine, soft, matte finish.

When lining a box with fabric, put the seam at the front of the box. When the box is opened, you can see the back "wall" of the box but not the front one where the seam is.

If lining a box without overlapping the fabric onto a piece of cardboard, glue the pieces of fabric on to the sides and then glue decorative braid along the top edge to hide the raw edge.

Lining a box finishes it well, especially a jewelry box or a trinket box. To line a box cut a piece of sturdy cardboard to fit into the bottom. It should fall in and out easily, without catching on the sides


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