Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Progress and labour market

Progress and Labour Market

There are a lot of things to consider when one graduates. Future plans should be carefully made up and discussed with those whom you trust. Labour market is changeable and unpredictable. Here are the things that will be helpful.

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Graduation is one of the best periods in life, when everything seems so simple and possible. But once you have stepped into the big world with all the difficulties, there are a few important decisions to make. One of them includes your future plans, career in particular. Now there is something that requires weeks to think this over. To make the right choice one has to be informed about all the twist and spins in the job market and be prepared to fight ones way to the top. It may seem highly improbable, but the demographical factor plays an important role in this situation. We observed a great internet developing boom recently and the rush continues. Young men and women choose professions related to computing. The possible reason for this is the gossip that internet business is a very profitable one and will prosper in the future. It is indeed a profitable business, but some of the companies appeared to be bankrupt; they overestimated their


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