Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Professional software icons for your standalone application

Professional software icons for your standalone application

Get a deeper overview about the role of the icons on the hole process of making an application. Appeal involves a lot of underlying concepts and makes the big difference on desirability. Here you will notice the most common ways to build icons for specific needs and how trends on software and web development have drastically changed from those times of command lines for each instruction until modern beauty of crystal icons.

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User interfaces and accessibility are some of the most important aspect of an application. It can have a million features, it can do a thousand things once, but if it doesn't look quite right then it will be a disaster. Take Linux for example. This open source (free) operating system has been around for quite a while, and it has been very appreciated for its stability and speed. However, in its earlier days it lacked a user interface, which made it very unattractive to the general public. While a few years back Linux was used only by system administrator and computer freaks, Microsoft's Windows was all over the place, pumped up by its friendly user interface, even though it had a lot of bugs and was very unstable. Today's things are quite different. People have learned from their mistakes and now, most operating systems, including Linux, use a graphical interface and are very user-friendly - things that in the past you could do by writing lines and lines of instructions, you can now do with a few clicks. T


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